About me


Sebastien Walkowiak, professional photographer with a Master in Marketing and International Trade. He was born in France and has lived for some time in Cartagena, Colombia.

Before dedicating to photography he worked for 10 years in the bank, in one of the biggest financial groups at international level. Subsequently, he worked for the group Le Monde in the French newspapers the Courrier International and Le Monde Diplomatique.

His sensitivity for music opened doors to events where he began capturing the best breakdance dancers of the world and concerts of great artists of international music. He specialized in capturing unique moments at festivals and concerts. The photographs are of such a high quality, that they have been published in several French and international newspapers and magazines.

Subsequently, with the countless trips to Europe, Asia and Latin America, his vision and interest to understand the close relationship between photography and culture was sharpened. This allowed him to extend his experience as a photographer to more areas.

With his lens he has captured the essence of each place and situation, gathering human and sincere testimonies in events, festivals, portraits, studios, reports, among others. In addition, he has made productions for different products, packaging, architecture and food.

Sebastien’s added value of interdisciplinarity and multiculturalism, allows him to carry out high quality works for people and companies from different sectors, where the satisfaction of his clients and his perfectionist spirit are the best guarantee.

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